A man of great wealth who possessed a luxurious mansion on the ocean’s shore, a valuable New
York apartment, and extensive business holdings, had a peculiar habit! In view of all of his wealth,
he had the practice of stopping, in mid-stride, to pick up a coin – even a penny – which he saw on
the sidewalk.

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An associate noticed his unusual practice and inquired of him, “Why would a man of your financial worth feel the need to stop to pick up a penny?” The wealthy man pulled a penny from his
pocket and asked his inquiring friend, “Look at this penny and read what it says.”
His friend read out loud: “The United States of America.” The man replied, “No, not that. Read on.”
“One cent?” “No, keep reading.” “In God we trust?” Yes, that’s it!”

The man asked for a further explanation. The wealthy man replied, “The name of God is holy,
(Ps. 33:21) even on a coin dropped to the ground! Whenever I spot a coin, I see and reflect upon
that inscription! It appears on every coin of the United States currency, but most seem never to
notice it!”

He went on, “God drops a message right in front of me telling me to trust Him. Who am I to let it
pass me by?” He then added, “When I see a coin, I stop and pray. I stop at that moment to see if my
trust IS in God (Prov. 3:5-6) and I pick up the coin as if to say, “Yes, I trust in Thee!” Then, for a
short time, before resuming my activities, I cherish that single coin as if it were gold!”

So, the next time you are worried or fretful about your difficulties, stop to pick up that penny
you see on the ground (preferably out of the line of traffic!), read the words, “In God We Trust,”
take a moment to pray a prayer of thanksgiving to God, and reflect upon your trust in Him and His
love for you! (I John 3:1)

My minute’s up!

James Horton

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