Keep In Your Prayers November 22, 2023

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Kerry Ginn, Pat Ginn’s father, passed away this week. His funereal was Wednesday. Pray for this family at
this difficult time.

Tom Henry, Betty Rose Henry’s husband, passed away last Sunday. Remember this family in your prayers.

Remember JoAnn McMillin, Linda Willingham’s sister, in your prayers she is in critical condition.

Travis Brady, the father of Sarah Hall’s brother-in-law, Tony Brady, is in the Tupelo Hospital, not doing
well. Please pray for him and his family.

Ann Akins is taking chemotherapy and asks for the prayers of the church.

Billy Hugh McBryde, father of Laura McBryde Green, will begin more treatments soon,. His family wants
to thank everyone for the prayers and asks us to continue to pray for him.

Please pray for Donna McMillin. She is having some health issues.

Please keep these in your thoughts and prayers:
Peggy Wallis, Johnnie Jumper, April & Olivia Pounders, James Nunnally,
Lindsay Garrison, Pattie Box, Everette Hurt, Jr., Brenda Koon, Carol Smith,
Ali Rae Barkley, Cora Chills, Jacob Johnston, Austin Wentz, Lori Chapman,
Jan Rooker, Trey Smith, Lenox Kennamore, Clem Edge, Monica and David Woods, James Allen Johnston, Ann Akins, Billy Hugh McBryde, Tommy Simpson,
Phil Young, Edward Willingham, Alan Britt, James Schmidt
Diversicare: Terri Barkley C-9, Cindy Holly D-8

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