Keep In Your Prayers

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Please pray for Jan Rooker, the sister of Kathi Hurst, she has breast cancer.

Dan Elder broke his leg and has been in the Corinth Hospital due to the pain.

Ciara Thompson broke her ankle and will be having surgery Friday in Corinth to repair it.

David and Monica Wood request the prayers of the church for their unborn daughter.

Please pray for Lori Chapman. She is having some health issues.

Please pray for the family of Glenda Smith, the sister of Avis Moody and aunt of Johna Hooper and
Tim Moody, who passed away last week.

Please continue to pray for Jane Chapman and her family in the loss of her mother.

Please continue to pray for Linda Cook and her family in the loss of her sister-in-law.

Please keep these in your thoughts and prayers:
Peggy Wallis, Johnie Jumper, Wanda Coleman, April & Olivia Pounders, James Nunnally,
Everette Hurt, Jr., Pattie Box, Brenda Koon, Carol Smith, Ali Rae Barkley, Barbara Papkey,
Debbie McCoy, Mike Moore, Jacob Johnston, Ann Kesterson, Austin Wentz,
Winston & Mallory Smith, Wanda Coleman, James Allen Johnston,
Rest Haven: Johnnie Stroupe Carpenter-204
Diversicare: Terri Barkley C-9, Cindy Holly D-8,

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