Weekly Devotionals

Having Faith In The Divine Creator
By Cody Hardin

Meghan and I have a ton of arguments, because ya’ know, we’re married. That’s what married people do, right? Not that we fight a lot or anything. I’m one of those people who re-members the most obscure bits of information. It may be history, media, or something completely off the wall. Note, I didn’t say I was smart, just that I remember strange things. I am, however, married to a very smart person; so when I remember something and she thinks some-thing different, she’s perfectly fine to agree to disagree. I can’t do that. My first reaction when I have a disagreement with anyone is to Google it. Hasn’t Google done away with the need to ask questions out loud anyways?

Meg hates it. Even if she’s right, she’s not petty enough to care to prove it. I’m fully pet-ty enough; so when I’m right, I make completely sure that she knows it. In fact, I might remind her a week later just to make sure she doesn’t forget that I won. When you don’t win often you have to take full advantage of the times you do win! Besides, it feels good to be right. Regard-less if it’s a small disagreement, or something that is the basic facts you build your life upon.

This weekend we were blessed with the opportunity to attend the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. It was amazing! If you haven’t gotten to take advantage of those things, go find a way to do it. While we were at the Creation Museum’s petting zoo Cole Chapman said to me, “I don’t think I’ve ever realized how big a camel is.” It made me think, even if you are fully aware that camels are very large beasts, there is no possible way to prepare yourself for how large they are. I think it’s the same way for the ark. I knew the thing would be ridiculously large, but pulling up my jaw still dropped.

We live in a world where a great many people don’t believe that a man named Noah built an Ark. Where people think that the world became what it is today over a span of millions of years. Where, somehow, it makes more sense to believe that the world, through random chance, works perfectly as it needs to for us to exist on it, rather than a divine creator planning it to be what it is. The saddest part of all of this is that people don’t really know the science and the facts as to why they believe these things. They hear “smart” people say that the Bible is bogus and they believe it because of the titles that person holds. For instance, Ken Hamm (one of the men responsible for the Ark Encounter) and Bill Nye had a debate soon after the opening of the Ark. Thousands of people believe the statements of Bill Nye because he is “the science guy”. Bill Nye has a Bachelor’s of Science in mechanical engineering. He is absolutely no expert in anything. Yet, people are led astray by his words.

The reason it was so amazing to see these attractions, is because it affirmed our faith. We live in this negative world, but we got a chance to see why what we believe is absolutely true. We can’t pull up Google in this argument because we’ll find false information, but going to see what we did this weekend helps us to know that we are correct. I love Church Camps for the same reason. Kids live in a world where they are mocked for not doing the things the world does. So for them to take a week to be around people who are mocked for the same reasons and to hear that they are doing the right things is so uplifting for them. It’s faith affirming.

Sometimes we overlook the need to have our faith affirmed. We think that needing affirmation is showing that our faith is weak. Don’t forget that in Judges 6 Gideon needed reassurance that God would be with him. God didn’t punish him for this. God gave him that reassurance. If we believe that our faith is too strong to need reassurance, too strong to need someone to help us when we are down, or too strong to admit that we have doubts and fears. Eventually our faith won’t be strong at all. It will be gone. Notice, this isn’t a call that you MUST go to see the Ark Encounter. Only that we need to make sure that we are constantly doing what we need to, to strengthen and affirm our faith.